New collections

Spring-Summer Collection 2019

IbBan is dreaming of a woman who is a chic, free-spirited traveler. It is offering her a large choice of romantic, nomad and ethnic pieces designed especially for her. This season has an effortless, couture spirit, which is translated through the elegance of the cuts, as well as the carefully selected fabrics. Inspired by travel and the notion of elsewhere, the collection is a free interpretation of India, of the Spain Far West, of flower power and the Mediterranean islands. It has a spirit as delicate as cotton, and as light as the summer breeze.

Bags and Clutches

A whole collection of handbags, clutches, purse and wallet that will accessorize your summer outfits! We have imagined a wide choice of materials and forms for you. Clutches in handmade embroidery, in straw, in leather or in cotton, decorated with embroidery of colorful patterns that express this season again the "know-how"dear to the brand. With white leather models with metallic ornaments like camila or the mansi model in embroidery leather, you will look hippy and street at the same time. The camila round leather bag in black or cream color, carried crossed, is already the must-have of all country-dwellers.

IbBan is a Indian designer brand founded in 1982 by Mohammad Ibban Banne.
Since the very beginning, he has been cultivating his own very authentic style of “boho chic.Natural materials meet an amalgamation of artistic influences, while embroidery and patterns combine to embody the dandyesque elegance of a globe-trotting woman.

I want to create a wardrobe that looks like all the best memories of a world traveler, like the pieces from her attic that remind her of cherished childhood moments, or her wildest parties.

Inspirational IbBan

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