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The IbBan is the world's premier luxury fashion brand and wholesaler company,
Our award-winning website, presented in the style of a fashion magazine, offers the style-savvy customer

exactly what she wants - unprecedented access to the hottest looks of the season from international cutting-edge labels via worldwide express delivery.

Since launching in 1982, IbBan has successfully established itself as a luxury brand, with impeccable packaging and unrivalled customer care.
The pages of IbBan feature high fashion editorial, updated weekly with new content and product, which is viewed by over 1.5 million women each Years,
We provide prompt services, quick response and express sampling.
We care for our customers and we understand Time is of immense importance to materialize orders 
We look for customers for long-term partnership and we offer ourselves as very dependable, 
Reliable, manufacturing partner who can make all possible efforts to serve our elite clientele. 
·  Ladies Leather Bags
·  Banjara Bags, Clutch, Wallets
·  Indian Embroiderd Bags
·  Leather Wallets,Kits and Bum Bags
·  Promotional Bags
·  All type Jut Bags
·  fashion Bags & Accessories
·  All type Ladies Shoes
·  Scarf,Kashmir Pashmina and Pareo
·  All kind of ladies garment



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