The VEERA DRESS is a fine quality cotton dress. And the 100% cotton with lining and lace fabric. The multi-design of hand embroidery of different types of re-sham threads & pom-pom. The high-waisted wrap-around and double cap sleeve in VEERA DRESS looking good to wear. The exotic cotton & re-sham embroidery, inspired of Indian traditional touch of hand embroidery. This dress available is available in all size.

The VEERA DRESS is 100% cotton with lining and lace fabric, pom-pom and hand embroidery are used. And it should required to hand washing at cold temperature or dry wash, do not bleach.

Delivery worldwide is free by DHL Express. The receive your VEERA DRESS in 5 to 6 days with the standard shipping method. And get your VEERA DRESS in 42 to 73 hours.

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